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In the image below the Functional, Technical and Design/artwork specifications form a logical grouping under the summary task It generally is not recommended to use links on summary activities because the logic can be difficult to follow and the practice may not be supported by all scheduling tools.Use of links on summary activities may produce logic errors and create circular logic within the schedule model.Consider the following scenario Summary Task Sub Task 1 2 days Sub Task 2 1 day Suppose you have entered 3 days as actual for Sub Task 1.Now due to an approved change request, you need to remove Sub Task 2.This means that if any child tasks have their flag set to yes, the summary task will be brought in as well. Click OK again, and the formula will be applied to all of the tasks and summary tasks (if you chose to roll-up) in your project plan.As the values in your project plan change, the formula will automatically update the flag column.The server seems to ignore the custom field values while correctly updating system field values.

If you use the method describe in 1 scenario and re-baseline by selecting Sub Task 1, actuals in Sub Task 1 may get baselined and your variance will be lost.Now let’s discuss the second option first as it is quick.As you are preparing a new plan for all the pending project work, you can safely baseline the entire new plan.Anyone who has used One Pager Pro knows that flag columns (e.g.“Flag20”) are an easy way to decide which tasks and milestones you want to include in your project report.

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Right-click on the flag field you want to customize and choose Custom Fields. Under the Custom Attributes section, click the Formula button. A formula editor will appear, allowing you to insert different fields and conditions. This is highly recommended, especially if you are creating an executive summary report.

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