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According to Hunterdon County Public Health Division director, Tadgh Rainey the Powassan virus has resulted in the death of a 51-year-old Warren County woman two years ago and "appears to be in Northwest New Jersey." The symptoms of Powassan virus infection are very similar to that of Lyme disease.Official statistics from the federal Centers for Disease Control put forward that New Jersey has the fourth highest number of diagnosed Lyme disease cases every year.

Both deer ticks (Ixodes scapularis) and groundhog ticks (Ixodes cookie) are the carriers of the virus with latter being more abundant.

So even if you're in an area where ticks aren't very common, if you do end up with one, our data suggests that you should still be very concerned about Lyme disease.” The CDC reports that Vermont has the highest rate of Lyme disease in the country, close to 10 times the national average.

Explore the data: Check out Lyme On The Rise, a special VPR data visualization of Lyme disease in our region.

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