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Data binding is useful for allowing user input to be dynamically bound to the domain model of an application (or whatever objects you use to process user input).Spring provides the so-called in this chapter since, if you were going to use it at all, you would most likely do so when trying to bind data to objects.I have tried again after your answer and same issue I am passing date in mm/dd/yyyy format intentionally and it is not coming in catch block.First of all, ignore the execution and check the state of date value, second, it works for me Date Format.parse(Date at Ideone.main( A combination of the regex and Simple Date Format is the right answer i believe.I realize that I can use Joda (or Java 8's new date API), but if I were to keep this to just Java 7, any suggestions?(I care less about whitespace and formatting.) /** * Tests whether the date input represents * a real date in mm/dd/YYYY format that is after the current date.I don't want to convert this date I just want to check whether input string is according to required date format or not. Parse Exception: Unparseable date: "20130925" is Valid - dd/MM/yyyy with 20130925 = false is Valid - dd/MM/yyyy with 25/09/2013 = true is Valid - dd/MM/yyyy with 25/09/2013 = false at Date Format.parse(Date at javaapplication373. Java Application373Valid Format(Java at javaapplication373. Java Application373.main(Java I have tried that before but I am unable to understand that from no way catch block is unable to catch that exception.

Considering the above, Spring has come up with a interface that is both basic and eminently usable in every layer of an application.

You can test your program and reassure that your regular expression meets the rules on your policy about the form of date format.

This is a basic test class:package com.core; import static org.junit.

Usually, Simple Date Format‘s parse() method is used for validation. look at the example given below: package com.Test; import Parse Exception: Unparseable date: "2012/12/17" // at

If parse() method is able to parse the date, then it is considered that input is valid. Date Format.parse(Date // at com.Test. Test Set Lenient.main(Test Set //Mon Dec 17 GMT 2012 So, clearly setting set Lenient(false); corrects the parsing behavior of Simple Date Format.

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This is the class that we are going to use for date format validation..

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