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we meet nearly every tuesday at 6pm-onward, during fall & spring academic terms in room 56-114 ; we offer two 6-credit seminars - ec.074 in fall-term & ec.075 in spring, with sr.lecturer joe hadzima '73, and e-club co-founder, co-director & founder-designer of our seminars richard shyduroff, plus a wide range of student & alum tas - theme: on tech start-ups (tuesdays at 7-9pm in 4-402, doc edgerton's old classroom off strobe alley); we conduct special e-club demo meetings for visiting academic, government, ngo and science, engineering, technology & policy related groups, and k-12 schools; we sponsor legal, mental & physical health, negotiation & mediation, and stage & dramatic arts clinics and workshops (all in order to improve our selves and our own and student clients' tech start-up teams' communications skills, including preparation for internal speaking, classroom, campus & public presentations) and more. Eric Sit, MIT Young Alumni Chair, also agreed to publicize the event to its members. 🙂 I know you’re busy and this whole dating thing feels like a burden. “HMS Student Council had absolutely no part whatsoever in setting up, sponsoring, promoting, or hosting the match other than what I just described,” said Kratz. “We didn’t have anything to do with how it was run.” Since Valentine’s Day, numerous HLS women have received e-mails from Monsarrat requesting that they start dating him. “”After assuring us that all data would be kept securely and confidentially, we said sure,” Sit said.I ended up at NASA Ames Research Center by simply applying online through OSSI, NASA’s One Stop Shopping Initiative.I filled out a general application complete with essays, letters of recommendations, previous work experience and then more specifically found projects that interested me.

Group Project Work 1) How did you land your internship with NASA your sophomore summer?Not only did I have specific laboratory techniques required for the position, but I also had the molecular biology coursework biology from the coursework required as a prospective Biological Chemistry Major.2) Could you tell us a bit about the project you worked on during your summer internship?nb: the mit e-club is NOT a lecture-based activity, does not like or use much powerpoint or similar slide-presentation-s/w (all is chalk-and-talk, ie, at-the-blackboard) - and - we are also not food focussed, per-se; bring your own dinner or snacks, or eat before or after meetings.we do provide water & dry sailors' crackers, and sometimes fruits and a variety of chocolates.

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